Definite results from Bali’s adjustment!

This morning I went out to ride Bali, and see if I could feel a difference in her from the adjustment yesterday.

Wow! Did I ever feel a difference. That stuck spot in right bend? Gone! not stuck! She was gooey-bendy, it was super! Super from the start of warm up. She started out where she usually feels about 15 or 20 minutes into our ride. And, I remembered to do my half-pass/leg-yield exercise to see if the diving-loss of balance was gone, and it was. She felt more upright and carrying herself both directions!

Of course now that she feels all good in that right bend, and our shoulder-in left to renvers right was easier than ever, but the shoulder in right to renvers left…uh oh. That wasn’t as smooth. I’ll think about it some, try to decide if it is my developing a bad habit to compensate for what we had, or if she’s now working a bit differently so will need a few rides.

She deserves a nice trail ride this weekend, so we’ll leave this for next week.


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