Bali gets adjusted

Not an attitude adjustment, a chiropractic adjustment!

Bali’s workload is fairly intense. I am working on developing her strength in a more uphill carriage, more collection, she earns her 1 cup of food a day…sadly, she is a SUPER easy keeper, and has to live in a grazing muzzle while outside, and gets some soaked beet pulp and 1 cup of “carb guard” feed to absorb all her vitamins.

This past week, Bali has been seeming hard to bend around my right leg, often her stiff side, but more than usual. I’ve been doing lots of forward, down and out stretching and warm up work, really working to get her stepping under to stretch out what is blocking her, but she really isn’t bending “through the rib cage”. Now, I know that this is technically not where the horse is bending, lack of mobility in the spine and all that, but this is the way that it is talked about, and when the horse is really working through it does give the illusion that they are bending through the rib cage, so I’m going with that terminology. šŸ˜› I might have been really sitting hard on the right seatbone to get her to move the right hind over and come under. Interestingly, when riding a half-pass/leg-yield/half-pass/leg-yield sequence going right, she would fall hard to the leg yield left in terms of her balance. Going left, she was staying uphill not losing balance.

A recent picture, where I studiously work to make sure her head does not fall off by holding it on with my tractor-beams in my eyes!

There was another horse in the barn who needed some chiropractic work done, and I recommended Kelly Foltman who has gotten me really good results in my horses when she works on them. She also does acupuncture and dental, but expects you to work with your regular vet for lameness workups, injections and any routine vet work.

Since Bali has been uncharacteristically stiff right, particularly yesterday, I put her on the roster, for chiropractic. Usually Bali gets acupuncture, but I thought chiro was probably where I should start this time. Interestingly, Bali was a little bit reactive under my right seatbone.

Kelly did a good amount of adjusting, I’ll get a full report tonight, but after she got done with each area, Bali got more and more relaxed, and all soft and gooey eyed. She was much less reactive on that right side afterwards, which I know I caused by using too much of a driving seat on the right.

So my job is to stay even in my seatbones, hopefully this adjustment will make the right bend easier, and her adjustments were consistent with the tightness I was experiencing. No rest for the weary, so she will be in full work again tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll feel an easier time in her. I will be interested to see if the half-pass/leg-yield exercise will be easier to keep balanced tomorrow.

A lesson might be in order (A lesson is almost always in order!), to re-calibrate my alignment between where my brain thinks my body is, and where my body actually is!


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