Good Boy Neuf!!!

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to watch someone else put the first 10 or so rides on Neuf, I’m not knotted up with anxiety and I’ve been riding him as well.

I finally cantered him on Tuesday, in the rain – notable because it is the first time he’s worked in the rain, he kicked out a bit, had a couple of bucks and they are sit-able.  In other words, I’m not in fear of falling off, even if he does have a baby buck when he loses balance.  He has no malice in him, and his bucks are not attempts to remove the person, just a bit of “but why should I canter now!?!” and “I lost my balance, I’m on the wrong lead, let me buck to see if it feels better after that”.

Today, I opted to ride him, and did lots of steering work, changing bend, as much as a giant baby horse can control his body, chickens were ignored, there was no bucking at all when we cantered.  It was pleasant!!!  Not to mention, he’s comfy!

After we finished his steering and cantering work, he asked to walk off the edge of the arena, so I let him, and he proceeded to wander around and check out behind a few trees.  I think it satisfied his curiosity about what was over there.

A picture of Lauren riding him last week, because Neuf needs a picture!


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