Bali is more uphill!

In the warm up.

Bali is fantastic, and I love her as she is allowing me to learn oodles of OCD dressage details. She is fun to ride, super willing to do what I ask, and happens to be built somewhat level…almost downhill. This means I have to work really hard to build her fitness and strength to carry herself and work in an uphill balance.

We went to a schooling show at Morningside Training center again, and as usual, it was lovely. I didn’t get there as early, but again managed to ride a bit too much in warm up. They were running a bit late, but since there were two riders doing two tests each, I didn’t realize it, I just counted the horse/rider pairs and thought things were on time…and was ready to go at my allotted 3:58pm ride time…and had 3 rides to go before it was my turn. Oops.

On the whole, I was pleased with the ride. I wasn’t overcome with nerves, but Bali did throw in a bit of exuberance into some lead changes and gave me some bonus changes, which sadly take away points.

Doug & Suzy (& Emma too, they are starting her off in life the right way! Horse show before 3 weeks) came, so I have lots of pictures! Yay.

I’m still working on keeping a bit more bend in my knee to keep my heel under my hip.

It is a bit better here.

I love how straight she is here!

I obviously still fret that her neck will fall off unless I stare at it sometimes!

The background is gorgeous at Morningside!

Nice square halt! I needed a prompter departure, so got a 7.5, but I am thrilled with a 7.5 still. I’m no Anky or Edward Gal, so I still love a test with no 4s.

I always manage to laugh when we blow a movement…in this case the flying change I’d just done was not as good as I’d have liked, now if I can just have this expression while in deep concentration.

There we are! Look at this uphill canter! We still need more jump for better airtime, but Bali is awesome!


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