Spring Maintenance for the ponies continues

The horses have all kinds of maintenance, not oil changes per se, but vaccinations, dental work, testing that they are free of Equine Infections Anemia (aka the Coggins) and then some various checkups depending on the horse.

Today the vet who specializes in chiropractic & acupuncture came out. Neuf was the one who inspired the call, but once the vet is coming, it only makes sense to get them all checked out.

Neuf had gotten adjusted, chiropractic, by the vet last fall, because I’d noticed he is very one-sided. Like people, horses are usually left or right sided, some more than others. Neuf has been noticeably stiff going left as we’ve put him into light training. He has a hard time getting his treats to the left, I’m cruel and require stretching for cookies. He’s been improving, but I always like to eliminate possibly discomfort as a trigger for bad behavior and it turned out that he had several adjustments, all on the left, that needed to be made. Lauren rides him again tomorrow, so we’ll see how much difference it makes. He’s still only 3, so he is on a light schedule, and is currently making really fast progress so we need to make sure that we keep it slow, so we don’t let his good attitude suck us into doing too much with a baby horse.

Bali was next up, she got acupuncture. She was pretty reactive in her hind, particularly her left hind, and looked very happy and relaxed afterwards. I’ll see how she feels tomorrow. She was a bit sore, which might be due to the heavier work she’s been doing, I’m really working on developing more strength and uphill self-carriage, and that takes a lot of effort and muscle development. A little bit of muscle soreness every once in a while is to be expected, just ask anyone who has hit the gym to get into shape, but if it is all the time, or too extreme, it can be a setback and require extended rest. She got today off.

Sparkle was last. She has some sort of metabolic issues, highly suspected to be PSSM, Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy, and when the grass is rich, she has to have very limited grazing, which stresses her, because she is away from the other horses, and when she is stressed, she can get ulcers, so my choice is ulcer risk or tie up risk from too much grass. When the needles started going in she was reactive in her GI points and in the hind legs, where she is tight. The vet wanted me to talk to my regular vet about getting a more definite diagnosis, so we’ll run the genetic test for PSSM and also will test her for possible insulin resistance. I’m mostly looking to refine managing her diet so she stays happy. She was definitely happier post-treatment, but if I can tweak her diet to help, that would help her stay more comfortable.

This inspired me to finally schedule a chiro appointment for me too. Long overdue. I’ve had a spot between my shoulder blades that has been pinching for a while. Hopefully it will be an easy fix for the chiro.

They get the dentist on Friday.


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