Neuf’s education continues

I rode Neuf again today.  My friend, Suzy, was out, so I had a ground person, and she even took video!  Which is on my Facebook, and I have no idea how to embed a Facebook video into WordPress!

We started out with the lunging.  Neuf did well to the left, we did walk, trot, walk, trot, canter, trot, walk, halt.  Then he was looking like he was anticipating changing directions, so it was one more trot/walk and another halt.  

Going right, well, he decided that he knew the drill, and it was walk, trot, canter, and we’d get to the fun part of riding.  Except he did 3 steps walk, half circle of trot, then cantering…whee!  So, it was back to whoa.  Whoa means whoa, not inching your way forward.  Walk, then whoa again.  Finally, I was able to beat him to moving out of his halt, and we did the trot and canter portions, and then I went over to get on, and I do believe he prefers riding over lunging.

We walked, we trotted, we worked on steering.  In all, it was boring, which is what all young horse rides should be.  No excitement, other than the happiness that incremental progress is being made.

Suzy suggested I canter him down the long sides, which is what I’m having his young rider do, but I declined that one.  I’m happy with a few more walk/trot rides where we work on steering and transitions, letting Lauren do more canters on him first.

Here is a link to Facebook, but odds are good only my “friends” on Facebook will be able to see this video.


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