Ending the long silence!

This has been a hectic winter and there were many changes on the farm.

Romeo, who I blogged about here Ruining Romeo fully expecting another decade with him, suddenly had to be put to sleep, March 20, 2013. That hit us hard.

We miss Romeo, here he is about a week before the end.

But, in happier news, I have Neuf, and it is time to get him going under saddle! I have been working with him and he’s learned to be a civilized horse, but after I broke both arms on Pico in 1994, I’ve always been a bit anxiety ridden when it comes time to start the young horses.

I’d been trying, but this shows about how I felt…

When really, riding is supposed to be fun and I should look more like this…

So, I found a nice, bold, young rider to come and be his jockey for a few rides! She is doing a lovely job and we took a few pictures of the GBH, which is not only Giant Baby Horse, but GOOD Baby Horse.

I’ve been riding lots, and need to get back to my journal. It is so good to come back and read later to check progress!


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