First 2013 Schooling show.

Yesterday I took Bali to a schooling show at Morningside Training Farm. I had entered Third level Test 2, using their super-easy, online-entry for a cancelled show, and a simple email had me entered into this one using the credited entry fee.

My goals for the show? I wanted to not forget that blasted 20m canter circle and just practice the test in a full 20x60m ring.

Friday night, I had the worst migraine I’ve had in a decade. Nothing was touching it, I ended up taking some old demerol, from a long-ago procedure. Barely knocked it down. So, I didn’t sleep well, or much. My ride time wasn’t until 12:27, which was a good thing, Marit was also running late, she drove in at 10am, instantly seeing that my trailer was not hooked up yet. My horse was caked in mud, but I did have her saddle, girth and bridle all loaded, and the truck was running, so I could hook it up. Since Marit arrived, she washed most of the mud off the horse, I got the truck hooked up, changed and we headed down the road.

It was only about 40 minutes to get there, whew! Self service check in, which was convenient, and the rings have amazing footing too!

Bali felt really good. She did some lovely work, and it was gorgeous out. Too gorgeous, it was almost hot. I had left too much time for the warm up, and I ran out of horse. Whoops. My warm up changes were lovely, the turns on the haunches, in warm up? 8s. The extended walk felt sticky, and had I felt a bit better, I might have fixed it.

This isn’t from yesterday, but from about 3 weeks ago, before her little vacation.

There was nothing awful in the test, possibly the worst walk turn on the haunches I’ve ever done in a test, but I knew it was bad, and that was a 4. The next one was a generous 6, I’d have given it a 5 or 5.5 myself. I also seem to have over-corrected for not wanting to let the haunches lead in trot half-pass…and lost them and collection, earning another 4…these things, they happen.

It was a really fun outting.

1) I wasn’t eaten up with nerves. I tuned out the judge, as one friend had suggested I do. I have this ability to tune things out. It serves me well, when I apply it. Chirping smoke detectors (luckily my friends are bothered by this one and change out those batteries for me), barking dogs, I listen to the annoyance, make the decision to ignore it, and tune it out, it had never occurred to me to use this in a horse show for the anxiety-causing judge, but a friend suggested it, and I daresay it helped a ton.

2) My mistakes were just mistakes. It was a somewhat lackluster ride, too much warm-up on a hot-for-January day, I’d just given Bali a 2 week vacation, hadn’t had a lesson in 3+ weeks, had a killer training class the week before, with little riding, so I wasn’t as well prepped as usual, but it wasn’t awful. And, mistakes didn’t frazzle me.

3) Best of all, my own gauge of what the scores should be were in line with the scores given.

Everyone was nice, I ran into a friend, the lady next to me introduced herself and we chatted a bit.

I will definitely be going back.

Next time, I’ll do a shorter warm up. More uphill, and really insist upon a bit more effort. Bali is fit enough for the work, but I’d let my old “oh, it is kinda hard? You’re tired? Don’t do so much then” habit flare up in the last few minutes of warm up.


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