Ruining Romeo – a lifelong endeavor

Romeo was my first horse as an adult. My parents had ponies for us when I was a kid, but after I was married (and still in college) I really wanted a horse, so I spent my car savings on a new horse instead. I got a new car later, a 1989 Honda Prelude, it was awesome, while it is long gone, I still have Romeo!

The ubiquitous they always say that a rider ruins multiple horses learning to ride. I always say I ruined Romeo 6 or 7 times.

Here is Romeo the day he was delivered! I was so excited, he was a gorgeous, bay Thoroughbred!

Ok, so I was a touch barn blind. He might have been a bag of bones and I’m not even going to try to decide what his body score was.

I had no fear back then, so started riding him immediately. I didn’t know I should perhaps just get him in better weight before starting to ride. He was getting huge amounts of feed, and he did gain weight.

He looks better from this angle!

Then, my husband and I decided to move to Virginia, so I hauled him up, in this rig, stopping and walking him at rest areas, super safe!

Jogging at the Rest area!

Even after 2 1/2 days on the road, in August, he still was in much better condition than 15 months prior, when I bought him.

In Virginia, I had dreams of Three Day Eventing! This is Lake Fairfax Park, I field boarded him a little ways from this park and it has horse trails. I would jump the picnic tables, since I had no other jumps.

This young girl from Britain, Nicola, was the barn manager and she told me I should be using draw reins on Romeo. Since I couldn’t afford to buy them, I made some out of rope, but she didn’t tell me I should also use a regular rein.

And, our first Horse Trial! Look at those braids! That musculature on that neck! Rolex here I come!

The dressage!

I had a kid, realized that I couldn’t afford lessons or competitions at that point in life, we bought a farm, and I started to just play around on Romeo.

And here he is last weekend.
Looking better at almost 28 than he did at 4


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