GBH progress report

GBH? Giant Baby Horse is often what I call the kid…so GBH it is for a few weeks, until the next nickname rolls off the tongue.

Neuf is coming along! He’s becoming quite civilized, listens well, and appears to like work. In the way of baby horses, there has to be something to worry the owner. For Neuf, this was a hard lump on his leg.

He appeared to have popped a splint at some point, but I wasn’t sure, he was always sound, never sore or reactive to poking and prodding, and this lump just appeared. I worried a bit, had him adjusted by a chiro, she recommended lighter work, and a more frequent trim cycle. I called my regular vet, he didn’t think he needed to see it, or that I needed to worry based on the sound part, so I gave him a couple of weeks off and started having him trimmed every time Steve, the farrier, comes (on a two and three week schedule). Then, I noticed a new lump starting to show up on the opposite leg, so I scheduled an appointment to take him in for my regular vet to actually see.

The original lump that caused me consternation…my attention jumps straight to the blemish…

My vet palpated the older lump, the big one, did the same to the new, small one. I jogged Neuf on the asphalt jogging strip, then I took him to the round pen and lunged him. Yup, he’s sound, and he’s really nice. But, what my vet noticed is that when he is excited and being goofy, he sometimes paddles a leg in. My vet thinks he just whacked himself hard while playing in the field. He doesn’t even think it is the splint bone and it is nowhere near any soft tissue, so it is just a bump. I asked if we should xray, but he said it wouldn’t change his verdict, so Neuf essentially had a training outing to the vet clinic where he jogged and lunged, then loaded up and left. I actually took my sound horse to the vet. But, the vet told me to continue his training.

After his time off, James noticed how much Neuf likes to curl behind the bit, so I dug out a fatter snaffle, it is a loose ring, which is usually less than desirable for the youngster, but so far, Neuf has been doing ok in it. Next, we ditched the straight lunging with or without side reins and went back to long lining, using the surcingle for the lines.

Just starting up, he was a bit up this day so went to trotting earlier than usual.

On the tree side of the arena I have difficulty keeping him out on his circle, he falls in towards me. It is also a lot of stuff to keep organized and safe, 2 lines and a lunge whip.

He settled and walked nicely after a few minutes.

Looking very grown up in this halt!

He’s progressed to giving me fairly regular pony rides at walk/trot, due to my pressing all my friends & husband into service to walk me around. Soon, I need to go off-lead. I’ll need a fenced area for the first couple of times.

Trotting! With a bit of clever photoshopping, it could look like he was unattached!

I’m very pleased with the GBH. And as always, thanks to Doug Gorton for all the fabulous photographs.


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