This hurricane business…stressful!

Anyone who has known me for long knows that I have bad tire karma. I get lots & lots of flat tires. I buy top-notch tires, rotate them, take proper care, check inflation, blah blah…and it seems that I have a combination of magnetic belts in my radials and a penchant for blowouts.

These are quite often when I’m several hours from home, alone, with a horse in tow. It always works out, but it is damned inconvenient.

I’m going to be in Gladstone, New Jersey on Monday and Tuesday to be a demo rider in a teaching clinic. I’m really looking forward to it, and then what shows up in the weather? A bloody hurricane! It is aiming right for the mid-Atlantic corridor.

I got an email tonight that I can go early and/or stay there longer if necessary to weather it out…but egads. Like a 5 hour haul isn’t enough stress…

I’ll check the weather tomorrow night and make my decision, but I think I might be springing for an additional night in a hotel to not have to drive in 16+ mph winds (not that bad) and rain (hate the lowered visibility) with a fairly big horse trailer.

I’m very much looking forward to the weekend though. I feel bad that the weather is going to be bad when I go…but this is another theme that my farm-sitters have gotten used to…but this time, poor Pat will deal with the brunt of it. At least I’m taking one horse with me!


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