Neuf – ridden with reins!

Today I took Neuf over to James for a lesson, and possibly more saddle time, if he was good, and he started out reasonably good.

There was another 2 year old next to the round pen, and he was running and bucking, and Neuf thought that looked like a superb game, but he was in school. 😐

He started out pretty darned calm considering this was his second off-the-farm outing and there was a horsey playground with another TWO year old there.

After initial lunging, James did some ground driving, noting that Neuf seems to want to curl up….which is why I had stopped ground driving, but James has some ideas for fixing that, but after Neuf was nicely driving, I grabbed reins & my helmet and got on.

This was almost lunging, but not quite, he was still attached to James (I’m not 20 anymore…I don’t bounce so well). We walked and halted, he walked from my leg, he halted, he changed direction, he objected a tiny bit to my leg, but walked on. I’m not sure how long it will take me to progress to “off-lead” rides though!

He was pretty darned good. I was pleased, we quit.

Then he got tucked into a stall and proceeded to have a temper tantrum at being in a stall – in a strange barn – all alone, dumped a full water bucket, when I came back with Bali from my lesson (the outdoor is a good walk from the barn) I saw him with his left front foot hanging over the dutch door. He took it down when he got in trouble for that. He was a little shit about being ALL ALONE WHEN HIS NEW BFF BALI WAS GONE!!!!

Luckily, we didn’t get to witness or hear his tantrum. Tantrums are best in private, without witnesses.

As soon as the halter went on, he was better, he was a shit in the trailer for a few minutes, but once I loaded Bali up, he chilled out. I’ll have to work on that being left over time. It was his second time out, I’m not too stressed over it.

Babies…really really good….then annoying little shits.


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3 Responses to Neuf – ridden with reins!

  1. Perfect last line synopsis. 🙂 Jo

  2. Judy says:

    🙂 I sympathize! My baby had a four alarm shit storm (literally shat 6 or more times) because Fairfax was casting off across the road. In the process stomping on my foot and breaking a little toe. Then, however, we lunged him and used that energy for good. Had a GREAT lesson after!

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