Whoa! Long time, no post, USDF Bronze Medal Earned!!!

I’ve spent the summer working, riding, taking lessons, working with Neuf, Bali, Tanq, Sparkle, etc. I have neglected my blog though.

I earned my USDF Bronze Medal at Dressage at Lexington.

That was on Bali, of course!

Here we are after our last ride at the show! We survived and had pretty nice test!

Bali is getting stronger in her work, I’m actually starting to feel that new, uphill balance she needs to maintain, we work on straightness and moving her shoulders in and out, her haunches in and out, half steps, shoulder in, renvers, half pass, and finally lead changes. I’ve taken to practicing lead changes on my treadmill. Which officially makes me a huge nerd, and it likely needs an entire post to describe the exercise I do for 2 minutes of my cool down 3 or 4 days a week.

This is why we are working on all that straight stuff and why I’m working on my aids off the horse…

I might have been over-doing the releasing the new inside rein there, not that it helped, as my timing was likely off! I’m heading off to a pretty cool weekend to audit a Steffen Peters clinic, get lessons on a schoolmaster and more lessons on Bali. I hope to have some gems to share next week.

Neuf is growing, but seems to have slowed down some, whew. But, this attitude here…

Is why he had to start baby styled boot camp. He was having some issues with accepting the basics of “you go where you are told, when you are told, at the pace you are told” and so he’s been getting lunged 1-2x a week now for a few weeks. I got James to work him a few times, he essentially gave me a few more tools, and had me put a bit in the giant-baby-horse’s mouth, and suddenly, baby horse was much more polite!

He’s now accustomed to wearing a saddle, a lunging surcingle, has started with very-loose side reins, and I’m now transitioning him to a lunging cavesson as he is much more amenable to taking direction, so I can move away from lunging him off the bit but just having that to the surcingle. He’s been mounted a few times, and I had the world’s shortest pony ride on him the last time.

The other funny thing about Neufus…he doesn’t like to pee inside, so every day, when I get home from work, I go to him, put on his halter and take him for his little walk. I think he was a dog in another life. Tonight he was pretty solid for his first time in the cavesson. It was almost dark, but he still did w/t to the left and w/t/c to the right, and then it was dark, so he was done.

Tanqueray is still here, I’m getting ready to fox hunt him. He needs to find his forever home, but until the right person comes along, he is a pretty darned fun horse. I’ve remembered how much fun jumping is with him. He’s collected a few more ribbons this summer, at both hunter shows and combined tests.

Sparkle is still there, being the perfect guest horse and I do my best to keep her in 3-4x a week work. She’s starting to get her changes too, but since I don’t have her as fit as Bali, I don’t tend to do as much work with her.


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2 Responses to Whoa! Long time, no post, USDF Bronze Medal Earned!!!

  1. Net says:

    Congratulations! Bali looks fantastic there – I see the results of all you’d told us you were working on in previous posts. Do we get to see video? 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    There is a video, but I think I need a new post to make it embedded.

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