Today I want over to ride a Fix-a-Test at Looking Glass Farm. I need more test practice and improvement in riding a whole test. Not to mention, there is the nerves part of the equation. Even knowing that Alison Head was going to be helping me improve things, I still ended up nervous. Once we had the test done, the fixing part was awesome. Seriously, my stomach needs a lecture on chillin’.

It was really good. We ended up riding our test, then working on improving pieces of it, and not riding the test a second time, but this was really good.

Some things I took away – in no particular order.

1. I take way too long to adjust my reins. Pick them up to the right length. No knitting them shorter.

2. More activity behind

3. Don’t just shorten the reins, ride her up into them!

4. more calf, less reliance on the spur. Make her move off the calf, feel her with the calf.

5. in mediums, stop dropping her on her forehand. Keep the reins short, don’t even think of releasing a bit for the first 1/4 of the diagonal, keep calf on, build it.

6. Almost square the end of the 10m circle to start across the diagonal for the flying change. release the old outside/new inside, as I ask for the change.

And, the collective comment “Willing test – she knows what is required of her, but needs better connection and balance with poll up and forehand lighter to be able to perform easily.” sums it up well…All the elements we were working on were to improve connection, balance and get a lighter forehand!

There were some others, but I’m tired, so will watch the video, although I doubt much audio is there.


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