Chalk it up to experience

Not so great this weekend at the show. Nothing terrible, but nothing great, but a 6th place ribbon yesterday. Toady, not so good, in fact, it was just not a good test.

First a lovely picture from yesterday. Which was much better. My scores were not as good as I’d like, but I got great pictures! Thanks Doug!!!

I’ll blame equipment partially. In today’s warm up, Bali had a headshake, and sometimes, the right side of her curb chain comes unhooked when she does this. It is hard to get it on that side, so how it manages to shake loose puzzles me, it is like one of those metal puzzles that needs to be lined up just right and it slides free. Notice how there is only one extra link in the above picture.

Anyway, not a big deal, James reattached it. We finished our warm up, and James mentioned to not let her over-flex, but I’m also focusing on keeping my reins short. So, make sure to not make the curb rein tight.

As we went to enter the ring, I realized that it was attached 4 links shorter than it has ever been. I do believe that most of our ride reflected that. While some might have said “abrupt” on the transitions, this judge said “on the forehand” (in scribe shorthand = “on 4H”). So, our halt was ok, until I asked her to trot on, and she stopped. The curb rein wasn’t tight, but I fed it out another inch, and we went on. The medium and extended trots are still not really good…I’m used to that. But, our shoulder in and half passes, 4s. I’ve been getting 6 & 7s on those. The turns on haunches in walk? 4 and 5 (7 and 8 yesterday). Then, I forgot my test. After the first part of canter, you pass C, do a 20m circle. On the second pass, you trot. I trotted at C. Realized my error, cantered, and Bali got dinged for breaking to trot, it was rider off course. “Overflexed” was the predominant comment this time, along with a collective of “reins long”.

Lucky for me, I have sympathetic friends and a sympathetic husband. I’m all boo-hoo because I cannot seem to ride in a show…DAMMIT. But, as they like to remind me, I’ll only get better at showing, by actually going to shows.

So, I have video. Which is good, because it reminds me that I have a lovely, willing, sound horse.

I’ll have to process the video. But I’ll post a few more pictures, because Bali looked fabulous!!!!
warm-up yesterday

Letting her get a little too downhill.

But I fixed it!

We had an 7 on the extended walk.

And an 8 on the first turn on the haunches – which doesn’t come through in the pic!

If I could keep this amount of uphill…

And this length…we might get decent scores on the medium & extended canters.

Good Pony!!!

My fabulous support crew (except for Doug – who is taking the picture).


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