Cleaning house, literally, find motivational notes

I’m a terrible organizer of things like paper and laundry. I have a very difficult time deciding on categories in which to sort things. I am also a master procrastinator, which means that sometimes most of the time (to my husband’s dismay) most horizontal surfaces I am near are covered with mail, business cards, notes, stuff for taxes, bills to pay, etc.

I’d take a picture, but instead, I’ll put in a picture from the last show! Doug is back from vacation and put up my pictures!!!

Here we are warming up on the first day.

And here we are in the ring…

They weren’t all that above the bit, and the video is decent, the score was decent, but shocking…my reins are too long!

But, back to cleaning – a while back I wrote a bunch of notes down…probably from online books, at work. Like management type ones that are offered on the work servers as educational, not novels. Now, while cleaning, I came across this piece of graph paper, and remember why I wrote these things down…and I’m enough of a nerd that I seem to have jotted down the source.

The first list is from “Project Management – a New Vision” by Alfonso Bucero
How to accept failure and allow it to help us
1. I will have no regrets
good words to live by

2. I will achieve my goals through small actions
in riding, one ride at a time.

3. I will live in the moment
while riding, I’m pretty good at this

4. I will keep my goals in sight

5. I will encounter obstacles
windy days, injuries, lack of funds, parsimonious judges…

6. I will focus on only one or two goals
why I need to get Tanq sold sooner than later, he wants to be a hunter, I am focused on dressage

7. I will trust myself

8. I will take an occasional break
This one I’m not so good at, I am trying a bit more this year, even if I feel like a slacker when I do!

9. I will be flexible
This I am good at!

10. I will be patient
a work in progress

Next on the page…I wrote down John Maxwell, so he must be the author. Not sure if it was a book, or a chapter in a book.

14 Steps to failing forward
1. Realizing there is a major difference between average people and achieving people. Their response to personal failure

2. Learn a new definition of failure – “The difference between greatness & mediocrity is often how an individual views a mistake” Nelson Boswell

3. Remove the “you” from failure. Failure is only an event in time, generally it has nothing to do with you.

4. Take action and reduce your fear – you can stumble only if you are moving forward.

5. Change your response to failure by accepting responsibility – don’t blame others.

6. Don’t let failure from the outside get inside of you

7. Say goodbye to yesterday – don’t dwell in the past, stay focused on future possibilities

8. Change yourself and your world changes

9. Get over yourself and start giving to yourself.

10. Find the benefit in every bad experience.

11. If at first you do succeed, try something harder.

12. Learn from a bad experience and make it a good experience.

13. Work on the weakness that weakens you

14. Understand there is not much difference between failure and success. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” Thomas Edison.

Last on the page – a matrix:

Not realizing what you want => a problem of knowledge
Not pursuing what you want => a problem of motivation
Not achieving what you want => a problem of persistance

And on that note, I need to persist in reducing this pile of paper! Now one more piece that gets to go into the recycle!


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