Jec Ballou clinic – day 2

On Saturday, I was able to arrive much earlier and watch several lessons before my own. I don’t get to watch enough lessons as I’m usually off to ride more horses.

I’ll be attaching a 10 minute clip from a few portions of the lesson. We worked on staying uphill, quicker hind end, those shorter reins, and some half pass, focusing on keeping the shoulders leading. We did a few half steps, and then also, used trot/halt transitions to keep her round.

It was an excellent clinic. Bali is progressing nicely, it is good to hear corrections in a slightly different way, timing, wording, etc. None of it conflicted with any of our current work.

I should write up more, but it is late, I need to get up early and hit the treadmill and ride 2 horses…before work.


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