The second day of the show…meh

Day 2 of the show wasn’t so great. It wasn’t terrible, but while we still got 6th place, we missed our goal of 60% by a large margin. I was very glad to have video.

I did have a good take-away for myself. James didn’t make it over to help me warm up, and a friend had come over for the day and was giving me some feedback, and it was mostly on what I should change while riding. What I realized later, after processing, is that this makes me way too tense. I start to try to change too much, in a warmup for a test, and so what I need is to make sure that when I’m getting help from a new person, before a show is to have them frame it in what I need to get the horse to do. “Shorten your reins” makes me nervous…even though it is always needed in my case, but “lift her shoulders” gets me in the right direction. “more leg” isn’t as good as “more forward” or “More hindend activity”.

And I still need to upload video, and my photographer went on vacation before any pictures got uploaded…so no new pictures even!

Part of the reason I fell behind in writing up the show report was that our middle corgi, Rhiannon, was sick, then more sick, we finally found out it was liver cancer and she sadly was put to sleep a week ago. She wasn’t quite 7 yet, so it was a shock. It seems that liver cancer is like that, no idea they are sick, then a rapid decline.

Here she was a couple of years ago

We miss the pretty girl.


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