Nice day with a 60.5% and a ribbon

Bali was awesome!!! We were better in the warm up (this is always the case), but it was a respectable test! Our changes were late behind, which they have not been for a while, but I blame show nerves, and that was 2 5s on collectivescoefficient movements.

The half passes were good, the halts could have been better.

No errors, no disobedience, we just need more jump in the canter and even though the medium and extended trots are hugely improved…this judge only gave us 5s for those. I think we’d have gotten 4’s from her last year!

I did get dinged for too long reins on rider score, and I think that was the curb rein. I am still keeping it loose most of the time.

But, we earned a 60.520%.

Tomorrow, at 3:08p (I need to check my insert again to make sure it hadn’t changed) I’ll ride 3-2 in the indoor. I had friends with cameras & video cameras, so there will be pictures!

Editing to put in a picture of Bali – the day I brought her home.


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One Response to Nice day with a 60.5% and a ribbon

  1. Kyrie says:

    Rock n Roll! Good job!

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