Third Level Test 1, ride plan

Tomorrow at 1:29pm, Bali & I (collected) trot down center line in ring 3 at Morven Park.

I’ll sleep in a bit, until 7 or so, then will go out to bring the horses in to eat breakfast. Pat said he’ll help me get my boots polished in the morning. After they eat, I’ll hop on either Tanq or Sparkle for a quick ride, then will get the braiding supplies out and braid Bali’s mane. I plan to start braiding around 9am, and will leave for Morven when we’re done. I want to arrive at the showgrounds before 11, shooting for 10:30a. This will let Bali just relax in her double stall in the trailer, munch hay, while I can go socialize a bit and watch a few rides. I’ll head back to the trailer around 12. I’ll need to get changed, I never wear my white until I have to…dirt just flies up at me. We’ll get Bali brushed off, saddled & bridled and I want to be on and in the warm up ring by 12:45.

20-25 minutes of our long and low warm up in w/t/c seems to be the optimum, then a walk break.

I’ll need 10-15 minutes of lateral and getting her shoulders up.

Today in our lesson, we went from the long and low straight into riding a practice test and I had a few sticky spots, but then rode the test again, and it was much better.

So, my ride plan:

Enter, STRAIGHT down center line, keep the whip in the left hand, I’m still not as graceful with the handful of reins as I should be when I have to hold the whip from across the withers if I have it in my right hand when I salute. I think I do better when I enter on a right hand turn.

Track left at C, use that corner, straight to S, then S-V shoulder in. Get enough angle, keep it uphill and a nice rhythm.

Half circle to the center line, half pass left back to S. Not too steep or hurried, keep the shoulders leading.

Trot around the short side, using the corners, R-P shoulder in right, 10m half circle, half pass right back to R. Use the corners well again to set up for the medium trot.

HXF medium trot. Come back, nice collected trot before F.

A – halt, take 2 breaths, keeping her round.

reinback 4 steps, immediately start walking. Medium walk to K.

K to R, extended walk, keep forward energy and a big walk. R-M, medium walk.

M, turn left, shoulder fore as we approach H, half turn on the haunches left (butt towards the judge in this test), walk straight, recover if there was a bobble, shoulder fore right, turn on the haunches right, keep my outside leg active so she doesn’t stall.

H, turn right before C, collect the walk a bit, prepare for a good transition.

C – collected canter.

M-F medium canter, come back, use the corners ( I wasn’t doing that after these today), make sure Bali doesn’t think we’re doing another rock n roll long side as we come around to K.

V – 10m circle
cross short diagonal to R, for tomorrow, keep the bend until we cross center line. Bali seems to be using the straightening as her aid to change and we’re getting the change too early. For after the show…work on that.
after we cross the center line, straighten and ask for the change (assuming she didn’t give it when I straightened)

Collected canter on left lead around the short side,
H-K extended canter.
P, 10m canter circle, same plan as above for the change.
Collected canter right lead to C. collected Trot,
MXK extended trot.
down center line – straight!!!
X halt salute.

I need to make sure I grab my show bag. I washed the stocks tonight, and will get them packed up in the morning with my coat.

Hopefully my nerves will be steady and I won’t make too many mistakes. I need to keep my seat and back relaxed.

Bali was absolutely fabulous tonight. She felt amazing and I adore her. Every time I go somewhere, pull her off the trailer, tack her up alone, hop on, using the bleachers or fence, or whatever I find to climb, and walk off on the buckle, I appreciate her more and more.

I should probably remember to eat something tomorrow too.


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