That blasted 20m canter circle I keep forgetting!

At the show in November, I had an error on my test in Third Level Test 2. I forgot the 20m canter circle, showing release of reins for 5-6 strides over the center line. It is after the canter half pass to the left, flying change to the right lead, before the extended canter down the long side…

Tonight, I was riding through the test, with Suzy there to help me, and I still managed to forget that blasted 20m circle. I just seem to want to skip it, and go straight to that extended canter, to the final two flying changes.

Perhaps I need to write it down. Canter tour starts at F. Right lead canter, come up center line, halfpass right to R, flying change before M, H-K medium canter, collect, up center line, half pass right left to S, flying change before K, at C 20m canter circle DAMMIT, M-F extended canter, K-B flying change over center line, B-H flying change over center line, C trot, R turn right, I turn right, G halt salute.

Since I practiced both tests tonight, I think Bali was a bit tired by the end of 3-2. Particularly after we had to sharpen up trot half pass right, and repeat most of the canter tour of 3-2 to get that stupid 20m canter circle at C. Tomorrow is her day off, Friday we go to the show to school in the indoor and outdoors. Practicing both tests in one ride makes me glad I decided to only do one test a day. Bali is obedient, but lacks jump and spring when she gets tired.


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2 Responses to That blasted 20m canter circle I keep forgetting!

  1. I think you need to write it again, Mel. You have two half passes to the right, and the second one is ending a K, where it should be left ending at flying change before H, no? 🙂 Think to yourself in the test that C=CIRCLE. Good luck! Jo

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