The plain snaffle

Over the years, I’ve settled into a pretty boring routine with the bits I use. Double jointed snaffles.

Something like this, possibly a D ring, maybe a bit thinner or a bit thicker, but essentially this.

I haven’t broken out a plain, single jointed snaffle in a long, long time. But, tonight I was thinking about how I think Tanq doesn’t like tongue pressure, so maybe he’d like the single jointed snaffle, so I went to the hooks where the bits breed (I have inherited large numbers of very interesting bits that I have no idea what they’d be used for) and dug out a plain old snaffle.

It was also a loose ring. Tanq’s been in that D ring that I linked above since he came. I briefly tried him in a Myler D ring, but it only swiveled, and that was the one that made me realize he doesn’t like tongue pressure.

I tried something like this loose ring snaffle.

He seemed to like it. It will take a few more rides, but I think he might be a single joined snaffle kinda guy. Not sure why I didn’t think to try that earlier.


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