Sometimes it is back to walk trot

Tonight in my lesson, James noticed that Bali wasn’t warming up as nicely as usual, she was a bit tight over her topline. After our w/t/c warm up, we worked mostly in trot.

Lots of slow, bouncy trot, working with Bali’s “complex neck”. Which is how James likes to refer to her short neck that we are always working on lengthening!

Lifting the shoulders, more lift, not faster, loftier. I had to remind myself several times to lighten my seat. I think I was falling into my old heavy, dead seat habit, just not on my A game today!

The shoulder in to renvers was nice, then the half pass needed some more uphill quality so it was back to a walk half pass, really pushing her up into the bridle.

In the end, Bali’s trot was lovely and we played with mediums and extensions. Both posting & sitting. What helped me was to keep the inside bend while extending.

I’m a bit stiff and tired today, seems that playing tug of war with a 2 year old horse and about 5 hours of ride time and a run on the treadmill might have been a bit much. I am pondering how much of her stiffness was a reflection of mine, is it the chilly day we had, does she need to go back on Thryo-L for spring? I gave her a bit of bute (this is rare for her) and turned her out. I’ll see how she feels in the morning. She had Monday off, but odds are good she is mirroring my stiffness. My only other concern is this (nice) indoor is down a terrible bit of road and while I crawl down the road, it is an awful ride and she’s starting to pause before hopping on the trailer. Or, perhaps I’m going down that silly path of worrying about things when I should just go read a book and move on with life.

Or it is quite possible she is just tired from this spring activity!


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