First show entered, cramming begins!

Ok, so it isn’t really cramming, but I’ve entered the April 7/8 VADA/NOVA dressage show at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.

I’ll be riding Third Level Test 1 and 2.

Tonight was lesson night and with showing in mind, James was keeping an eye on how long our warm up was lasting. 20 minutes at first check, 25 minutes when we came back to our first walk break. Then, we noted the temperature and humidity, thought about it and will start making note of this for each ride and use that to help gauge how long of a warm up Bali should get.

After warm up, it was onto shoulder in and half pass work, once that was nice, I rode Third 1. James read for me, since I’ve forgotten it since last fall.

Halts, all good (Bali is a square little horse!), I’m getting better at the 10m half circle onto center line staying straight. Despite our warm up, the shoulder in, half circle, half pass was not that great, but the medium trot was good. The walk work, good, and the turn on the haunches pretty good, not our current best, but better than last year! After that it was the canter work. Collected canter at C, medium canter down the long side, collect, 10m circle followed by the change across the short diagonal, and the changes were amazing! Unfortunately I asked over the centerline, not at the quarter line before the wall, but that is rider error, and not so bad. Her extended canter was great, but I needed to collect more before the second canter & change. Then the extended trot was pretty good.

The test feels shorter now, and it also feels like I have more time, so I’m not rushing.

I think we’ll be riding in the double bridle for the show. Bali seems quite content in it and while I am leaving the curb rein slack, I need to keep using it and practicing so that it is comfortable.



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