Spring silliness abounds!

The ponies are all feeling fresh…very fresh. I think they all would have voted for a good gallop on Sunday, but instead, they had to behave.

Bali even gave a few attempts to bolt and gave one of her tiny, little squeals at having to behave. But, since my lesson, we’ve been working on that canter shoulder-in and it is getting easier. I was feeling a bit tired on Sunday and swapped back to a snaffle bridle only, and given how fresh she was, it was probably for the best. On Saturday, I learned what happens when I accidentally swap up my snaffle & curb reins on one side, I get a head toss & mini buck, which makes me look down because that is not the usual reaction. Then I apologize profusely to Bali, and since it was fixed, we moved on. That kind of mistake is why I’m practicing using it, even when I’m just working on holding the curb rein, not really using it yet.

Sparkle gave me two gorgeous flying changes this morning. Her best ever! The best was, of course, from her least favorite left lead back to the right, but the right to left was smooth and nice.

Bali’s had two days off. She lost a shoe Monday night, and since she is getting all new shoes on Thursday, it seemed silly to ask the farrier to come and do her early. She is fine without it, but at the level of work we’re doing, I decided to just make these her days off.

Now, a couple of pictures of Bali, the first time she’s had a double bridle on! I need a longer curb rein, this one is too short for walking on a loose rein and stretching down.

Steve, my farrier, helped me turn those curb hooks around, so they are not facing backwards now.

Warming up, and I had left the noseband crooked!

Very, very focused…both of us!

Here’s old man Romeo…27 years young!


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