Goofie Neufie update – 23 months old!

Neufus is doing well. He is 23 months old now, which I recently realized is almost 2! His current work schedule involves 5-10 minute sessions 2 or 3 times a week. He gets daily handling when he is fed, and has adjusted well to the vacuum when he needs it, which is more than he gets it!

His current education is walking in a circle on his 10′ lead rope. A precursor to eventual lunging.

He also gets to learn to stand in cross ties!

Then, when we want pictures, we have to chase him around.

This is his opinion of being chased…

He preferred to look statuesque.

But Doug got one or two decent moments, between skidding into the fence, kicking out or bucking!

The tail was flagged though!


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