Lesson Notes & maintenance ramblings – Bali

For a variety of little reasons, I decided to try a 28 day course of Adequan on Bali. [rambling] She’d been just a tiny bit resistant to some of the harder work and I wondered if there might be some discomfort going on. She’s almost 8, which is pretty young, but she also works pretty hard. Adequan is safe and seems to work for a lot of horses, I had some in the fridge, that I had quit giving to 27 yr old Romeo as it no longer seems to help, so I started her on it last week [/rambling]

I do believe it is making a difference. She feels really good, and it just feels easier, and her changes are easier.

Now I suppose that it is possible that I suddenly, in the past 7 days, started riding changes better, and using my half halts and outside rein better, since those things are coming together, but I do think the Adequan is making things more comfortable for her.

Now, onto my lesson…to start, she felt amazing. Just really through and pushing from behind. I still need to be reminded to keep my hands quiet, particularly when I remind myself to sit up more, shoulders back, and then my hands come up and bounce a bit, so I go through the list again.

We did our standard warm up, long and low, long walk, getting her reaching through and lifting her back, then move into trot, same thing, then the canter. In the warm up canter we played with some forward and back in the canter, I used the mirror to see that her outline looks really nice, and observed how that looks from above…it looks like her chin is touching her chest based on how much neck I see, but in the mirror, she is merely on the bit, not behind it.

After a walk break, we did some collected walk, then right into the canter. Collect, extend, really collect, extend, getting a lot of jump in the canter, both directions, then, it was time to do some changes. I decided to half pass to center line, then change, since center line to wall half pass has some anticipation to the change. I’m really starting to see and feel the neck and how much more I need to straighten before I ask, and the changes were nice today. After we got a few each direction and they were NICE, we took another walk break and moved onto to trot.

We worked on shoulder in to half circle to center line, half pass back to the wall, repeat on other side. Then, I did some shoulder in – renvers to half circle to center line, to half pass back to wall. A few strechy trot circle breaks were tossed in there as well to keep her back lifting and soft.

It was a really good lesson, I do think we’ll be ready for the first show of the year, which will be at Morven Park this year. I decided to skip North Carolina this spring, I bought Neufus…and am replenishing my savings.


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