It’s been a long time…Sparkle lesson!

I haven’t taken Little Miss Sparkle to a lesson in a LONG time.  Possibly a year.  Bali & Tanq get all the love, but today, Bali was getting her massage, and I decided to take Sparkle.  James had never seen her go, and he liked her.  What’s not to like?  A cute, willing spotted pony.

I do believe I’ll put her back into the lesson string, and start getting to some jumping lessons on Tanq, so we can go to Hunter shows with him.

Sparkle reminded me why she is so awesome.  She’d never been to the barn, hadn’t gone anywhere in months, she unloads, and stands with the lead rope looped over her neck while I tack up.  Walks up to the indoor, between a pony zooming over and another horse trotting up on the other side.

She proceeded to be super, and did a lovely bit of work including lots of shoulder in, half pass at both trot and canter, and then a few flying changes.  Those get a bit exciting for her, but she is pretty spiffy.  We also started on some half steps with her, and she is so different from Bali in that sort of work.  Sparkle is super sensitive and super wide, so I often end up using my heel more than my calf, it seems harder to apply the calf on her barrel.  She was really working nicely for the entire lesson, but she is not fit enough, so I need to get her back into a regular program of at least 3x of working rides a week, and hopefully convince someone else to ride her a couple more times a week.

I seem to have stumbled onto some new WordPress interface, and I don’t like it. Whew, was able to find my way back to my normal dashboard.

Here was Sparkle 3 years ago, not round enough.


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One Response to It’s been a long time…Sparkle lesson!

  1. Kyrie says:

    Sparkle – whatta doll baby!

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