Quoi de Neuf comes home! Pictures!

I decided to go get the new horse earlier than originally planned. I had an empty stall staring me in the face, so it seemed silly to leave him up there longer…although, the boy was definitely ready to be gelded, he is still full of extra testosterone, so I will be needing to adjust a few things for a couple of weeks….he is in LOVE with Bali. She is scrumptious and he just knows that she is into young boys. He KNOWS it, just let him out there with her…he’s never been out with girls, doesn’t realize she might just lead him on and then say “no, I’m not that into you”…”Be gone”.

Pulling into the farm! The girls came galloping up with the trailer.

The window is opened…and I have GOT to get one of those hats!

He was truly intrigued by the Duke’s greeting, and a bit taken aback…I don’t think there are too many dogs at Hilltop.

Meeting Romeo over the fence

Worried Romeo!

Check out the suspension…

Romeo, 27 and Neuf, 20 months

You cannot tell in his moving shots that he is seriously butt high at the moment. Growing babies are a leap of faith.

I kinda like the new kid.

He has really nice manners on the ground and his first task today was to be vacuumed. He did well, although we did have two of us, I held him and Suzy vacuumed.


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2 Responses to Quoi de Neuf comes home! Pictures!

  1. Roberta Ann Hettrick says:

    Romeo and Neuf look like they could be father and son. Both very beautiful horses.

  2. susan flanagan says:

    Nature abhors an empty stall . . . He’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to see him in person!

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