I regularly come out to bring horses in and find this on the ground inside the gate…

Now, I don’t store the halters on the ground, inside the fence for the horses to trample. They are hung neatly, on hooks, on the fence. Near the gate. When it is time for meals, you go out, grab the halters, the horses come up and put them on, and we all go inside.

This morning, I got up, and as usual, I look out the windows at the horses. I sometimes have to go to a couple of windows to find them, but this morning, I look out and see this activity at the gate.

I watched for a minute as they proceeded to drop the first halter onto the ground, Romeo looked like he might pick it up, but Tanq pointed out that there was another one hanging there, and he grabbed it. At this point I told Pat to grab his camera (a pity he won’t use the fancy camera) and get a picture, so he went out and started capturing this sequence, which started with the one above.

Romeo is determined that he needs to be have that halter. It is his halter after all.

But Tanq is young and persistent. This is a fun game! It is still attached to the hook!

Ha! Tanq has it now!

Tanq surveys his domain, with a rope in his mouth. Not quite realizing it isn’t a good look.

Romeo isn’t done yet…
“Hey, I need that, it is MY halter!”, says Romeo

“Neener, Neener, mine now!” says Tanq.

“This is not a done deal yet, kid”, says Romeo

“oh yeah? Look who has it now!”, replies Tanq

“Whoa! Those are some mighty big teeth you have, Romeo” says Tanq

“Well, I didn’t really want it anyway” says Tanq

“Hey, you dropped it. I wanna play more”, says Tanq
“This game is OVER”, declares Romeo


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