A lovely fall day for riding

Today was just a lovely day for riding.

After taking down the dressage ring in one pasture, it was time to ride.

First up was Tanq. We started out in the ring, did some nice walk, trot and canter, a bit of counter-shoulder in and a few leg-yields, then we headed out for a trail loop with Suzy on Sparkle and Marit on GQ. It was mostly walking with one stretch of canter, where I was making sure Tanq was rate-able. He was. I was going to make him canter really slow and have Suzy on Sparkle pass us, when I heard a squeal behind, so we pulled up and I laughed when I looked back to nothing amiss…and asked if Sparkle had bucked. She had. One doesn’t really get dislodged when Sparkle bucks, but it does make a person squeal a bit. Sparkle looked quite pleased with herself.

Sparkle has a bit of a metabolic issue, we’re not exactly sure what, but it is controlled with Thryo-L, which bumps her metabolism. Most of the time, she is ok on a fairly low dose, but in the fall, when the frost hits and the sugars in the grasses spike, she needs to have that dose bumped…AND get yanked off the grass. I had missed the timing, so she was miserable a couple of weeks ago…her inner thigh muscles feel like a permanent charlie horse. Rock hard and she can barely walk. Ack! She spent a couple of days inside with some banamine and ace (for the vasodialator effect) and I immediately bumped her to 4 scoops of thyro-l a day, and she started to improve almost immediately She’s comfy again, although grumpy at being locked in a dry lot with nothing but hay. Poor little pumpkin.

Next, Suzy and I headed out with her on Romeo and me on Bali. She had a tight timeline, so we set a pretty quick pace on the same loop. This time we trotted and cantered and galloped almost the entire way, although we walked the last mile+ home. I was immensely pleased at how nicely Bali was on the gallop. Not a single buck! And her lead changes at the hand gallop were lovely (I couldn’t help myself…had to ask for one or two!).

That was a few weeks ago, but this is what we did today…heading out down the driveway to start our loop.


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One Response to A lovely fall day for riding

  1. Paula says:

    Oh that’s so awesome, and what a lovely picture. I wish there was trail riding to be had around my boarding barn. There used to be and land changed hands and people’s attitudes became “no trespassing on my gajillion acres. Eh well. I’ll live vicariously.

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