Wah! Bali lost her rein back

Bali’s been making great progress, but every once in a while, something goes backwards. A few weeks ago, she’d gotten changes and lost her half pass. Tonight, she had lead changes, forward and half pass, but trot to walk was not great and rein back was just not there.

I wonder if the new work has found some new muscles that are sore. She’s had two days off, so I’d like to think that any soreness wouldn’t be there, but after a few ugly steps backwards, I decided to work on something that was going well, and see what I had from the ground when I finished. No happy backing there.

I’m going to chalk it up to something tweaked or sore, try to find the edge where she is progressing, but not getting sore and try to stay on the edge, without falling backwards or pushing too fast. On the whole, she is much stronger and her fitness is good but with the additional collection, I wonder if it is just too many new muscles being used just a bit differently and the soreness is lasting. Sometimes my soreness is actually worse on the third day. I also realized that she did not get her Thyro-L today. I wonder if that would make her tight.


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