A glimmer of progress

Tonight I went out and rode Tanq first. He was good, and when I finished, I opted to ride Bali again. She was happy to come in, and I gave her a cookie (very important to her), then while grooming, I noticed she was a touch sore in her lower back. This is makes sense, give how much collected work she did last night, so I decided to make it an easy ride of the basics.

I spent a good 10-15 minutes in long and low walk, getting her to release her back, then we added some trotting, still, long and low, getting to where she felt like she was not stiff. Then, a bit of canter, both ways, and after another walk break, I asked for some shoulder-in. Did some shoulder-in entwickeln, asked for a shoulder-in to renvers, and encountered a resistance – aka a sore muscle! So, we worked through a couple of steps of renvers, then went forward, changed direction with a seriously nice extended trot across the short diagonal, rinse repeat. Asked for the second shoulder in, and suddenly, Bali just offered to engage her hindquarters, and lift the shoulders! Rather than stop, I decided to take that gift, and we did a tiny bit of the canter square exercise, with a flying change, and then called it quits.

Bali is such a neat horse. She could be a lot hotter, but as she gets fitter, her willingness and desire to please are showing that she does have a fair amount of power.

An older picture, that shows a bit of how this is a challenge for me…
The ears and face say “I’m bored and just out for a stroll”, but the body is well elevated and it obviously took some oomph to get there. Finding the key to inspire her to use her power for good, not evil is my challenge. With good being power to do lovely dressage tests, and evil being something more like this…


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