Tanq wins money back!

Wow, this boy is doing nicely at the shows! I took him to his second combined test at Hunt Club Farms in Berryville, VA Beginner Novice (2’7″ jump course and a simple dressage test) and he got 3rd place, which paid back $40! Not bad.

I am most pleased with the 30 dressage score. Which translates to a 70% in straight dressage! The judge might have been a touch generous, but I’ll take it! Makes up for the curmudgeons who are overly harsh! She had good comments as well.

The course was nice, I had a short warm up, the weather on my side of the mountain made me drag my feet, but then I realized that the storm was headed southeast and I was heading west, so I got there with only about 30 minutes to get my number, tack up, warm up and be in the ring. Then, I got all the way over to the warm up (not terribly far, but a couple of minutes) and realized I’d forgotten the bridle number. Ugh…a part of our warmup then converted to a trot back to the trailer. At least I remembered to remove the bell boots!

The new indoor was nice, and the one wall was SUPER SPOOKY because he could see light between the kick wall boards. The judge was nice and gave me a minute to get him settled in there which helped a lot. Our dressage work has really helped a lot too. Our last combined test was about a month ago and I think we rode a 39, and he had spent a lot more time above the bit, so that was a fair score. This time, he only got enough above the bit for comment twice. The second canter transition and the trot down the long side after the free walk.

We were supposed to be in the stadium ring 5 minutes after we came out of the dressage ring, so I told the judge I was going to swap saddles and be back as soon as possible! I think I took about 8 or 9 minutes total. I had to put those bell boots and his hind ankle boots on too.

The jump course was roomy (this farm has a huge ring – one end of the outdoor was used as the dressage warm up) the course designer had put together a windy course, with only one related line. The first fence was towards the in-gate (always nice) and over all the course rode nicely. The fences were decorated nicely, flowers, nicely painted, and it was good.

Tanq enjoys jumping. I’m still not loving the eventing style warm up of 2 fences, pre-set. But, it does work well when you have nobody on the ground with you. I just have gotten used to the gradual build up on the fence height, but Tanq was fine. We jumped the vertical twice, the oxer once, and he felt nice and I was feeling tempted to pick to that vertical, so I opted to just go into the ring, rather than screw things up in the warm up, where I had nobody on the ground to give me corrections!

I’m planning on going back again. There are two more of these this year, the biggest decision is between a hunter show in Warrenton on the 17th or this combined test in Berryville. This is closer, which is always nice, I have a week to think about it.

No action shots, but I’ll try to link the picture of him testing his ribbon for edibility.

It worked in Preview…hopefully it’ll work for others.


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