Dog days of summer are here!

It has been H-O-T HOT here this past week. The last weekend was fabulous for Dressage at Lexington. I had a good show, good times were had with friends and the weather was amazing. I got my highest ever score in Second level, a 64.762% on Test 3, which was nice. Now I’m going to settle back into a lesson and learning routine and worry about showing when we’re ready for Third Level.

Today, I had a fabulous lesson. I took Bali and the primary discovery today was how crooked I feel when I’m straight. Propioception and reality were not aligned. So, once I got my upper body straight, it felt crooked. I watched in the mirror and it was true. I was straight when I felt like I was leaning to the inside.

We did work on Shoulder in to Renvers in walk, then half pass in walk, then when we moved to trot, we did both of those again, moving into half pass. I need to practice one step of shoulder in, then start the half pass. Keep the forward. One exercise was a variation of a half pass/leg yield/hp/ly exercise, in that when I’d done the hp/ly exercise before, it was keeping the same bend, and changing the direction of travel. Today, it was keeping the direction of travel and changing the bend.

After another walk break, we did a few minutes of canter. Then some canter half pass, to counter canter, bring haunches in…as in, to the inside of the ring, not haunches in for the canter lead…I was doing this and that was bringing the shoulders in, blocking the hind legs…so, when I got the haunches in, and James said “change”, I think both Bali and I were surprised when it was there.

We did a change each direction (intentionally) and a change got tossed in there when I was actually trying to counter canter, but they were clean, and quite nice.

It was a good lesson. Pictures and video will be coming soon.

This is a torture my dressage pony, jumping picture from the weekend before Lexington, because the post just needs some color.

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