Foxchase Hunter Show Report

Last weekend I took Tanq to a VHSA Associate Hunter show. In this area the local shows are pretty nice, and have nice jumps, lots of nice horses, etc. This one was at Foxchase Farm in Middleburg, VA. They have nice courses, good footing, it is about 10 miles from home and a trainer I sometimes ride with often goes (Michael Bertozzi at Cavallo Farms), so I can get some coaching.

Anyone who goes to Hunter shows knows the drill on how long they can run and this paragraph is for any readers who don’t go to horse shows…like my sis – who blogs here A Fashion blog. The nice thing about having one so close with someone there is that I can call to find out timing. I was able to show up about 30 minutes before the flat class, and then it took a little more than 2 hours for the 18 riders in our division to do 2 or 3 trips each. The show runs the riders in groups, so you don’t have to go warm up more than once. As the rider you go in for your optional warm up trip (California style warm ups are where you ride one round un-judged to go around the course and fix any bobbles) and then you come out. You’re in a group of 3, you go back into the ring for the next trip after about 6 minutes, then again for your last trip, assuming a 3 class division (1 under saddle and 2 over fences) meaning you’re warmed up and in “show” mode for about 30-45 minutes.

Tanq was excellent. He was good in the under-saddle class and his jumping rounds were pretty respectable. Here is the video.

Tanq is starting to grow up and become more coordinated!


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2 Responses to Foxchase Hunter Show Report

  1. jessicamorthole says:

    He looks fantastic!

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