Serious blog backlog! Dressage show report & Video!

Last I posted, I was heading to my first dressage show of the season on Bali. She was good, but (as usual) I did not ask for enough. Both rides were respectable, but I need to insist upon more collection and more bend and more jump in the canter, etc. I’m a very 6 rider, with a handful of 5 and 7 tossed in, this time an extra 5.

Since I’ve gone so long before posting, I’m just going to post video of our first ride.

And, since I played around on my new iMac with the video software, you can see my scores, and see my playing with adding music (which youtube said is blocked in Germany). When my photographer (aka Doug Gorton, Suzy’s husband) get’s back from Iceland, I might have pictures. Imagine his vacation taking precedence over uploading another set of boring dressage show pictures?!?!

I may try to see if I can get the video of my second test done, later. I’m going to go watch a movie. Today was a trail ride, and two jumping lessons (on Tanq & Bali) with Brian Murphy. Then, it was put away the winter blankets, and now it is time to rest.

I still need to write up Tanq’s hunter show and now 2 jumping lessons. I need to get going!


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