Riding more, writing less, show season is upon me!

The weather has been wet this year. Which means that the grass is growing and growing and growing. And it is often too wet to mow. Tonight, I zipped home and it was not raining, and sorta dry, so I mostly mowed one field, but had to skip sections where the tractor was making trenches. The grass is only thigh high in places, not everywhere.

My first dressage show of the year is on Saturday. I’m taking Bali and riding Second Level tests 1 (1:04p) and 3 (3:23p). Second level is feeling almost easy this year, although the shoulder in to renvers is still a bit sticky, as is the haunches in at the walk. The mediums have improved tremendously recently, and while we still have a long way to go, there is actual change that I can feel! Woot! Tonight I got Pat to come out and read me my tests, and before we started, I really worked on the bend…the counter bend. I basically put her in left bend, and then moved her shoulders in and out and her haunches in and out, all while maintaining the bend. After we had that exercise, the shoulder in to renvers in the “test” rode pretty well. Note to self for warming up for 2nd test.

Second Level Test 1 is almost the same as last year and I’m pretty comfortable with that one. A bit shorter as they took out the 10m trot circles before and after shoulder in. It will be interesting to see the new rider scores. Second Level Test 3 is different, and I’m still getting the feel of the movements. My ring is not a full 60m long which makes practicing geometry a bit tough and I’m missing R S V P, and the corresponding center line letters and so Pat was having a hard time reading the test as he was looking for letters I don’t have.

I had thought I’d entered 2-1 and 2-2, and last week practiced 2-2 in my lesson. I didn’t much like how it rode, it had some odd lines, so I’m actually happy with 2-3. I will need to choose my next show very carefully due to budget constraints. I want to get to Third level a couple of times this year, but we’ll see how she feels and how those lead changes come along.

The pics are from last weekend

I’ve really been working on making Bali go forward. It still takes a bit of firm reminder most days at which, she objects and says she rather liked being a C student, and I inform her that the new standard is B+. I’d like an A from time to time, but I might not be demanding enough for that.
Coming into a transition:null

Sadly, I think my videos from the BLMs in October were lost. I’ll probably just get new videos for this year’s shows, rather than a refund, but it would have been nice for comparison. I do at least have some pretty good videos from earlier in the year.

Tanq is being a lovesick boy. I’m thinking that I’m going to split the boyz to the front field and leave the girls in back. There might be drama and screaming, but he needs to get over his infatuation with the girlz. He’s losing weight fretting over the fence. Dork.

On the not-a-dork side, he has been fabulous for everyone who has tried him, even the ones who don’t ride as well as they think. I think I’ll try to get to a hunter show with him next weekend.

Off to wash the bad corgi who rolled in deer poop.


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