PHS Pictures and a video

I’ll get around to writing a real post, but for now, it will be a video, and pictures.

Video first, since it might use up enough room to not bleed over into the menu. Someday, I might take a few minutes and figure out how to customize the site. But, not today. I need to go drop some flowers into the garden. It isn’t raining.

This video was created on my new iMac. It is a template, so all the video clips are a specific length and the music was part of the template. It was fun to put it together.

Next I’ll figure out how to include a still in my video for some of those shorter clips.

These are from the Philomont Horse Show (my prior blog entry), where Tanq won all the blue ribbons in the schooling hunter.


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2 Responses to PHS Pictures and a video

  1. Bella Q says:

    Great pictures! I need to figure how to use my imovie. Your video looks pretty swell.
    the Citizen Rosebud

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