Light week, Tanq improving over fences

This week was another light week. I had my second in a series of back injections and took off two days for that.

The weather has been wet. Very wet, so this morning, when invited over to ride with Marit at Foxcroft, I took her up on that. I took Tanq as he is the sale boy. He is really improving over fences. His form is good, he’s getting better about rating his pace. I remembered to keep my leg on and his “I might stop at this first fence” turned into a bobble, and as we continued, I got better at correcting between fences.

All the jumps in the lines were set at 2 strides today, and when he built up too much pace, I would add a circle to bring him back, and once, I decided to just head straight for the wall, since he had decided that motorcycle turns were a fine finish when he got going too fast.

Today was busy, making up for the light week. We were out of half and half, so that meant going to town for coffee, but we needed to take in trash and recycle, so I fed horses, unhooked the truck, we loaded it up, turned out horses in small paddocks, Pat and I dashed off, Suzy came and did the barn and got the horses ready to go to Foxcroft. Pat and I dropped off the trash, got coffee, dropped off recycle, went to the bank, went to Southern States for more fencing supplies, loaded up, zipped home, unloaded fencing supplies re-hooked up the trailer, loaded 3 horses, headed to Foxcroft, got there at 11am, 30 minutes later than I texted.

After we rode, it was back home, turn out horses, then head out to help Pat with the fencing project. Help can be loosely interpreted here. I stand, and keep him company for a few minutes. Then go do some small thing. Today, it was go make some food, then come back later to hold boards up.

While he was busy, I went and groomed Sparkle and put out fly predators. Then, I pulled some weeds from a garden bed while Pat loaded more boards on the tractor to drive down to the fielld, then it was walk down to hold boards up while he got them all in place with one screw on each end. After that, I decided it was dry enough to mow the yard. We’ve been having some rain. A LOT of rain. And it warmed up, and the grass is growing, so I wanted to get it done before it got too deep. It was dark when I almost-finished.

I groomed Bali then gave her a ride too. She is so comfy. All that other stuff was making my back tighter, but Bali helps relax things and get it moving again. I did not use a saddle as I didn’t want to change (I can’t ride in a saddle in jeans, I get rubbed and pinched by the seams) but we still had a good 40min. work. I really need to keep her in work if we’re going to reach our goals.

Speaking of goals, I read a nice list and wrote it down. I think I’ll type it up tomorrow.


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