Tanq goes for a dressage lesson

Normally Tuesday is lesson night, but due to a presentation on Equine Metabolic Syndrome (aka seriously fat horses and how to fix it) and a weather prediction for cats and dogs coming from the skies…I postponed to tonight.

I decided to take Tanq, and I’m glad. It was a good lesson. One, he looks like a different horse than when we first went, and it was good to get some exercises to continue development.

On turns/corners. Don’t let him lose the hind end, having it fly around the corner. So, we did a lot of 5 or 6 loop serpentines working on turning with all the body parts together. Going to the left, thinking haunches in, right was easier for him.

We did some leg yield, out, then back, working on not letting him over bend the neck. The canter is much improved. But, still needs to be straighter. Particularly to the right, where he wants let his haunches fall in. So, some shoulder-fore and then come in a couple of strides, straighten, and repeat. Not letting the shoulders fall in.

On the canter, I actually find a more hunter/forward position more comfortable on him, so I got lots of “sit up” comments. It is easier on my back at this stage of his training to stay in the more forward seat. So, I just noted that, sat up a little and then went back to where my back was happiest. As I think he’s probably best in a hunter world, I figure he needs to go along nicely when I’m not in a dressage seat.

This was Tanq in Nov 2009.
A few weeks ago

I’m going to try to change around my lesson schedule some. The drive is so long, I’m going to see about every other week. And possibly doing 2 on a weekend. We’ll figure something out.


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One Response to Tanq goes for a dressage lesson

  1. susan says:

    Nice to be the before photos. 😛

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