Another fun pairs race – Orange County Hunt

Now that I work with someone who fox hunts, I get reminders that there is a pairs race on the upcoming weekend.

This time, we had a trio, Suzy & Romeo, Suzy & Taxi, and myself on Tanqueray. Yes, we had two Suzy’s. Romeo’s Suzy did not ride Roman style.

It was a lovely ride, you can see the path we followed here Orange County Hunt Pairs Race – Flat/Optimum (less a couple of blips where the GPS signal was lost on the phone…this is becoming more frequent and I might be complaining to Samsung/Verizon as Suzy’s Droid does not seem to drop GPS signal on the same rides). Or max speed was 28.19 mph and we went about 5.5 miles, but I turned on the My Tracks right before we got on, not just for the course itself.

Tanq jumped his first coop, and a log, but those were our only fences, it was the flat class. But, he did not hesitate in the slightest, and led the way on much of our ride. He was much more relaxed this time out. I did something different this time. I’d bought some Ranitidine a few weeks ago and decided to give both Romeo and Tanq 15 pills this morning. Dunno if it helped, but it sure did not hurt and I think I’ll do that again for his next “stressful” outting.

Suzy (Taxi’s rider) called me to let me know that we had come in a minute and a half (or so) under time and were 4th! But, they only had ribbons to 3rd.

No pictures of today, but here is one of Tanq…just because, what fun is a post with no pictures?

Bali is coming along, I’m really working on getting her fit and getting the winter weight off her. I do not want her to founder. Tomorrow will be a lesson, and I’ll see how far apart my perception and reality remain. Riding alone all winter means no ground person to tell me I’m crooked, more round, more forward, etc. Hopefully I’ll come back with some gems and new exercises.

I did not ride much this week because I had back injections on Monday afternoon. This time, my doctor injected my SI joints with cortisone instead of an epidural Depo Medrol injection. I’m always a bit sore after the injections, but it felt much better by last night, and today is pretty good. Not sure if I’ll get pictures as my lesson is pretty early…so my photographer might be sleeping.


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