It can warm up and stay warm now!

Brrrr. It is cold. I put blankets back on the horses last night. First time in weeks! They are still on, in case this predicted @#$%#@ snow actually comes.

This morning Suzy came out and we took Tanq and Romeo out on a loop. At first, we left, with the plan of a short, warm-up loop, then ride in the ring. When we came to the turn for the short warm up loop, I said “you wanna just go across the top of Egypt Farm?” So, it was a 6 mile or so loop, with a gallop and top speed of 32 mph, per Suzy’s MyTracks. Mine, failed to start tracking until we were 1.5 miles from home and walking.

Tanq had been forging, almost every step on Friday night when I rode him. He just got his feet done on Thursday so that was odd. He wasn’t clipping the shoe, but tapping his right front hoof. I texted Steve, my farrier, to let him know, and he called, we talked about it, no reason for it, no changes, I’m not too worried as it was not the shoe he was catching, but I was going to see how he was on other surfaces besides the grassy field. I’ll see how he is tomorrow ( if it isn’t #@$@#@ snowing) but it seems that whatever was bothering him, 6 miles or so of trotting and galloping on hard surfaces either filed it down or perhaps he was particularly lazy Friday.

So, as we did the gallop section, Romeo always likes to win. He is strong and pulls, and he also throws up huge rocks and clods of dirt, so I like to stay about 20 yards back, not to mention, it is easier on Suzy if I don’t make him think we are going to pass him. Well, today, about halfway down our gallop, Tanq said he’d like to overtake Romeo, and Suzy was fine, so I said “sure, move on up”. I am starting to see why they kept him in training for a while at the track. He caught up and passed. Partly because Romeo was ok with that. Romeo might be retired from racing finally…at 26. But, I’m not going to count on that yet.

Later, after lunch out with Pat, a stop in an antique store to look at some statues (probably too expensive, but I need to do the taxes…maybe I could get one for Pat if we are getting a refund) there were also some vintage clothes and I liked a dress there. I tried it on, it is close in fit, and I’m going to look into what it takes to find a seamstress who knows how to convert things.

The skirt part fits over jeans (which means it is slightly too big, but I’m ok with that) but the arm holes are just a tiny bit too small, and that high neck would be constricting. It looked pretty good on, but I’m actually thinking if I could find someone to convert it to a 2 piece outfit, the skirt would be fine as a no-waist skirt (I have a few of those and like them alot) and then the top could be converted to something with a more open neck and if there isn’t enough fabric, find a complementary solid to use as a back, or sides, or there are a few things you could do I think…based upon my non-existent knowledge of tailoring. Oh, the top is a solid 1.5″ too long, I am pretty short waisted, so that is the other reason it won’t work as is.

I don’t know if I’d have had that idea if it weren’t for my step-sister’s blog (she is out in California and I haven’t seen her in over 20 years, but found her on Facebook). Her blog is and she does some really neat stuff with vintage clothing. Downright crazy by boring Virginia standards, but I like it.

Anyway, the statues were too expensive, and since I cannot sew, I didn’t buy the dress, we came home. I took a nap to warm up, then rode Bali.

I am really looking forward to my upcoming lessons and clinics. With spurs on (I rode w/out them last night) her canter halfpass was really nice. I’m working on keeping my lower leg loose, and not locking my hips as I weight my inside seatbone to ask for the sideways movement. I’ve also tied a string back to the D rings on the saddle and loop my pinkies through them. I found out how lazy I get w/ my seat and thighs when I find out I can’t ride a 10m canter (or trot!) circle with my hands “tied”. I’ve been using that for about 10 minutes of each ride to remind myself , and then I usually unloop my pinkies because holding the string really makes me use my forearm muscles. Which I figure is likely making other things tight, but I work on memorizing the feel. I’m also really working on asking for forward, really forward, every ride.

Let the snow stay away! It is SPRING dammit.


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One Response to It can warm up and stay warm now!

  1. Hey! I love that dress- a good seamstress is worth their weight in gold. That vintage shop looks mighty tantalizing…I bet I could spend hours there!
    Thanks for the shout-out, sis. Who knows we might start dressing alike one day!
    xo. Bella
    the Citizen Rosebud

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