Bali makes me smile

This week has been a light week, I didn’t ride Monday, then it rained on Thursday. But I’ve been getting good work in the rides I’ve had. Tonight, I was going to take Bali in first, then ride, and Romeo took a giant bite on her side, I popped him on the nose for doing that when I was there, then they both galloped off. Tanq, however, did not. So, I rode him. Which is probably good that I started with Tanq. If I’d ridden Bali first, I’d have come inside when I was done. But, Bali came up when I went to see if she wanted a ride, so I got in a second ride tonight.

On Tanq, I’m trying to keep him more consistent in the contact and not coming above the bit every time I ask for a leg yield. Once he warms up and remembers, his leg yields are quite nice and we’re starting to do a few steps of shoulder in also. He’s coming along.

On Bali, I’ve been really working on getting more engagement, rounder and balanced response to our lateral work. Lots of shoulder in to halfpass, to shoulder in to leg yield, both directions. Haunches in, renvers. Really keeping her shoulder straight in canter. Working on those medium gaits too. Trying to keep the shoulders up, etc.

I’ve been working on my own all winter. I have a lesson scheduled for Friday with Allison Head. I won it in an auction for CANTER Mid-Atlantic. Then, I am riding with Todd Flettrich again April 9/10. I feel like I’ve not lost ground this winter riding alone, and Bali feels stronger and more balanced. Much more grown up this year. Sparkle is not as fit, but I haven’t been riding her as much, although Pat has been riding her around the field a few times a week. He’s only walking her right now, but soon, he should build up to trotting and cantering.


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One Response to Bali makes me smile

  1. Robbie says:

    Glad you are enjoying the ponies. Love ya.

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