More jumping! Bali remembers how to jump!

My friend got our pictures up quick this week. 161 pictures to choose from! I can say that they prove I look like a drunken monkey over cross rails. My reins are usually too long…still, but that’s ok. I had fun, and we got great pictures on a lovely day. The horses had fun, and there were no unplanned dismounts.

I had not jumped Bali since September or so last year…or maybe August. She felt fantastic, forward and not a bit sucked back. We had no fill and it was a gymnastic, but still, she felt great!

This is going to be just Bali tonight. Since I rode her first. Opening with a pretty headshot, because I’m too lazy to figure out the menus on the right of the blog, so this portrait orientation should get most of the pictures below that menu.


Since the point of the day was jumping, I opted for a more open frame, not so round/on the bit.
You’d think I was using a steering wheel here…what AM I doing with my hands? This is not necessary to steer a horse…and we aren’t even jumping yet!
First cross rail, not so awful.
If I flap my elbows enough, the horse obviously is able to improve in performance (I could use some emoticons here)

Maybe I can actually figure this out.
Look! Bali’s ears up and I am all posed in reasonable form.
I wish Bali would use her ears up face more often…she is a DQ pony, and that is her focused face. I think hunters are better at faking it with the ears up. Tanq is good at ears up!
And to finish off with a Paddy shot!

Tanq will have to be another post! This one is already a bit picture intensive.


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