Spring is here…and I’m jumping again

Spring has arrived.

We’ve (Suzy and I) been hauling over to Foxcroft school the past few weekends to ride with my friend Marit. She’s great at coaching over fences, and since Tanq needs lots of jumping practice so he can start going to the hunter shows, I’ve been taking him. Suzy takes Romeo (of course).

Last weekend, Suzy brought Doug, so we got pictures!

The first weekend, Tanq was reasonably good, considering he hadn’t jumped much in months. A log here or there, but not a proper jump school. He improved throughout the ride, and was pleasant and showed that he is still “a good egg”. I have got to get his ad re-written and up. Pictures help.

Last weekend, Tanq was even better. We did all the fences as a course at the end a couple of times and it was really good. He was listening, rate-able and quite pleasant.

This weekend, we rode in the big, open outdoor ring, using a gymnastic. Tanq thought that was a great place to go FAST! We worked it out and I will post pictures of that later this week.

Pictures from last weekend.

I’m not so good with the trot fences.
He is starting to figure it out here.
Marit had me working on lifting him off his forehand and not changing pace. Tanq is still green and he starts to get rolling downhill on the forehand as his default. I tend to attempt to fix this by: collect, sit, add leg to push him into a more solid contact, then work on the lift. Marit had me lift my hands instead of pulling back, and so I’d been working on this. It looks like this:
Here are Suzy and Romeo.
Tanq again

Romeo doesn’t like to act his age, he is 26!
I think he’s about ready for some local hunter shows.

Oh, and Marit’s new pony.

Today, I jumped Bali and she felt fantastic! I will write more on that when I have today’s pictures.


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