Winter storms make riding difficult

Let it be known, I hate winter. I get chilled at 70F, so really, winter sucks IMO.

So, I’ve had a bit of riding…tiny bit. Windy, bitter cold, and then this…

Sparkle in the snow

This was only about 12″ of snow, but it was seriously wet and heavy snow…and it is STILL NOT MELTED. It is warming though, and it is melting, and the ground is not frozen underneath, and that not-frozen ground is saturated, which means that riding in that field is not happening.

Romeo hates the cold as much as I do, but he apparently enjoys riding in the snow.
Suzy and Romeo
as he has been fabulously round and is looking fantastic for a 26 year old.

Romeo also loves it when Doug is out to take his pictures. He manages to look straight at the camera frequently.
Romeo is handsome!

Sparkle was happy to get in some work though.

We got in a nice workout, working on suppleness and lots of lateral. The snow was deep enough that snow balls didn’t really matter much.

Andi was out that day too, and she fell off, with the camera there, so it is always fun to get the falling picture.

Uh lost.
And it looks like she's on the cell phone mid-flight!
Ta Da!  One Snow angel complete!

I started my rides this weekend with Bali, yesterday. I was in a foul mood yesterday. It was one of those days when you should just stay in bed, but by the end of the day I decided I’d feel better after a ride. So I decided to hop on Bali bareback. See those images above? Yeah, I had a similar dismount. Bali was feeling fresh. Really Fresh. Buckity buck buck. All was good, as she was still going forward and straight, until we came around the one corner, she spied the neighbor through the trees and added in a sideways leap. Well hmmph. With no saddle, I briefly hung on…one stride, then just let go. Luckily I landed on my feet, but lost style points for a knee in the slop. I got back on and finished our ride. No harm done, but I had no photographer for mine.

This morning the ring was a bit sloppy w/ the slush, by this afternoon, it was unusable as well.

So, today’s first ride was Tanq. He was fabulous. Round, soft, and agreeable. Most excellent as sometimes he has a bit of attitude after a week off. His transitions are getting very nice, and if he continues, he could put in a respectable 1st level test soon.

Sparkle was pretty good, but the ring was getting sloppier, I tried it for 15 minutes or so. I went to the field, also slick and sloppy, and finally after about 10 more minutes of various surfaces and locations, I gave up.

By the time I tried Bali, I had to give up on the ring and field entirely. It was down to the driveway. So, down the driveway I went, up the neighbor’s, which was actually reasonable footing. So, I spent a solid 30 minutes trotting and cantering up and down the driveway. shoulder in, half pass 2 steps, shoulder in, half pass 2 steps, straighten, leg yield back, rinse repeat. Then there was haunches in, and travers, and then cantering, and cantering half pass, straighten, canter haunches in on wrong bend, etc. She worked hard, and other than a line of 2 tempis with bucking flair as badness, she was pretty solid. At the end of each line, I often did a walk, turn on the haunches, working towards walk pirouette.

I have a feeling I might be using that 8′ track a lot this week. With any luck the snow will melt and the ring will drain. In the current state, it is too sloppy and I think we’d damage the base if we ride on it now. Road rides are going to be the flavor of the week!


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