Light week ending in a lesson

I’ve decided that in Jan/Feb this year I will not feel guilty if I don’t ride gobs and gobs. In fact, I only rode 5 times this week (due to no rides on the gorgeous Saturday…so sad), but the last ride was a lesson. Lauren had a space open up for her weekend in town and I was able to zip down there for it.

Bali felt pretty good, we did a change each direction after some half pass. Her left canter half pass was lovely, right, needs more bend. The changes are getting better and less drama filled.

We did a bit of walk pirouette work, which to the left was one step sideways, reinback one step, forward motion, one step sideways, reinback, forward, sideways…at which point it occurred to me that most TBs would have lost it about then, going up…but not Bali. Then we did it to the right, less reinback needed right. It was a good exercise.

We worked on trot half pass some. Since she was starting to lose balance and not carry herself, our exercise was trot half pass a couple of steps, then leg yield, then half pass, then leg yield, changing to the new movement before she lost her balance. One direction, going right I think, I can do a few more steps of half pass before she loses balance…but whichever, my goal is to feel the balance and catch it before it becomes momentum dragging us over badly.

I did a bit of the square in haunches in, mostly to get an eye. I’ve been focusing on more bend and that is indeed where I need focus. I’m to remember to use my wrist a bit more, to get the flexion in the jaw and poll more and that helps the body bend to follow.

It was a good lesson. Then, I washed Bali’s tail in the wash stall with the hot water and solarium. I felt a tiny bit guilty when I got home because her tail had ice crystals in it. Oops. She wasn’t cold though, and her tail just hangs there.

Tanq went to North Carolina with my friend Kyrie for a Mark Rashid clinic. I hope to get more details on how he did there. From the reports it sounds like he was awesome, which is excellent.


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