Happy 2011 and 2010 Statistics

For anyone who was in doubt, I’m a nerd. I started tracking my rides in 2006 and still track them.

The Riders at TerraOasis

Rider Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Mel 503 9.67
Suzy 177 3.4
Andi 82 1.58
Susan F. 9 N/A
Patrick 3 N/A

There were a handful of guests and helpers who rode as well, but I only tallied them into the horse counts.

For 2010 on the horses:

Horse Total Rides Average Rides per Week
Romeo 124 2.38
Pico (R.I.P.) 9 N/A
Sparkle 170 3.27
Bali 235 4.52
Tanqueray 185 3.56
Allie 82 1.58

As for current riding, Lauren (my regular dressage instructor) is in Florida for the winter, so my Tuesday lesson night is on hold for a while. I’m still riding when the weather permits.

Tinkerbell came home on Christmas Eve. That is our pony from when Chris was small enough for a pony. She is tiny & cute, and 28. I’m debating looking for another kid for her, or just figuring out where to stick here when I get another boarder in for her stall.

Tanq is doing well and is heading to North Carolina for a few days with my friend Kyrie. She is riding in a clinic and her horse is lame, so I offered her Tanq. He’s been doing nicely, and is doing some baby shoulder in and haunches in. He needs more work on staying connected in upward transitions though.

Bali, has had a couple of “I’m Tigger” rides lately. Very bouncy. I’ve been doing a few trot squares with her, haunches in, really collecting and keeping HI in the corner, then, shoulder in around the square, same thing with the corners, then renvers around the square. Both ways. After that we go back to SI down the longside or centerline, then move into some half pass.

Romeo seems to have found round. He’s looking fantastic these days.

Sparkle is feeling good. I do a lot of the same work on her as I do on Bali, but I often don’t work quite as hard.


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3 Responses to Happy 2011 and 2010 Statistics

  1. Andi says:

    Well, didn’t suck as much as I thought. Even on the average.

  2. Suzy says:

    Damn. If my boss saw this she would say all my bitching was for naught… Still, I shall make a goal of 200 this year. Seems fair enough. (Icelandic pony rides count!)

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