The long-deep-freeze really impinges on my riding

At least we made it past the Solstice and the days are getting longer. Chris gave me a heated water hose for Christmas, which means no more cursing when the hose I thought was fully drained…was not. This hose still should be drained, but you just plug it in and in 5-10 minutes any bits of ice will melt and you’ll have a functioning hose! Woot!

I’m barely getting on the horses, the ground is like concrete, the arena frozen, road rides are only suitable sometimes, but I’m counting down until March. I know that there can be winter weather in March, but Jan/Feb are the months I hate the most.

Gratuitous Bali picture…the holiday picture!

Tanq has been doing well with little riding. Today I took him out on a solo loop, mostly a road ride, but then I wanted to cut across this newish trail, but somewhere in there, I took a major wrong turn. I was quasi-lost. I ended up behind where I had started, but it was ok. I had been a tiny bit worried about the creek crossing alone, he is still not rock-solid on water crossings, but the getting lost trail took me back far enough that I ended up going back the way I came. He did a couple of ditches and jumped logs and motored on when we passed 3 riders going the other way. No trying to follow the other horses. Yay for Tanq! Then, as a reward, I turned him out with the pony…who is currently terrorizing him. Which is cracking me up!

Sparkle, she went through a late heat-cycle. And was very tight behind during that, and last time I rode, she was seriously objecting to cantering straight. She wanted to unload her inside hind and not use it, but she finally got through it.

Bali, she is doing fairly well, but only being ridden 2-3x a week and wearing a blanket all the time is making her a bit more Tigger-like than usual. Her hind end has serious springs in it lately. I’ve been working on moving the haunches and shoulders in and out, and changing bend, and really using her inside hind. Getting the shoulder in better and some attempts at flying changes. Those are difficult when she is busy bouncing though. According to Lauren there were a few 2 tempis….as I asked for canter down the long side. On the upside, I know the changes are in there, even if she is not quite with my timing of asking for them. We’ll get there. She is also getting bored and is becoming very pest-like inside. I should have ridden her today, but the weather outside is frightful and I wimped out after 2 rides.

I’m pondering my 2011 goals.


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